Oh Pisgah, I love ya!

Before I can move forward to a new adventure, I feel the need to write about an awesome camping trip I took in July 2011.  My boyfriend and I had been wanting to go camping with our dogs for months, but we always seemed to have something going on that kept us from it (at least we let these things keep us from nature & fun!)  After much searching a looking, we decided to head up to the Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina; he spent some time there as a kid and really wanted to go back.

After looking into camping options, we discovered we were somewhat limited with the dogs, and this being our first camping trip together, decided to do a little “civilized” camping (aka car camping).  We found a spot along the Davidson River in a campground just outside the town of Brevard, NC.  The 2 ½ – 3 hour drive there was beautiful.  Once we got to the campground, we realized that it was going to be slightly different than planned…we were surrounded by RVs!!!  Alas, we made the most of the campsite as a launching pad for fun elsewhere.

Uh oh, a woman making a fire?!

We decided to blow the campsite during the day and head up to the Blue Ridge Parkway to see what kind of mischief we could get into.  Before hitting the Parkway we went to see Sliding Rock, which is a really cool natural rock slide within a waterfall: http://www.ncwaterfalls.com/sliding_rock1.htm   It was too crowded to us to do anything other than look on as “kids” of all ages slide down the rock.

Sliding Rock

Next we hit the Parkway, which was gorgeous!  We did the requisite cheesy pictures at the roadside pull-offs before finding a hike to do with the pups.  We parked in the Graveyard Fields parking lot and headed down the trail.  It wound down through a lush forest until you crossed over the creek which we followed along on the Graveyard Ridge Trail.  There was a series of waterfalls sliding over the granite rock base.  The second falls is where we stopped to scramble over rocks and let the pups drink some mountain water before heading back up a couple sets of stairs to get back onto the Graveyard Ridge Trail and to the parking lot.

Tired doggies after the Graveyard Ridge Trail hike

Another highlight of the trip came after the day up on the Parkway.  We headed into Brevard and found this super cool local grocery store called Poppies Market & Café: http://www.poppiesmarket.com/   This place was a haven for the two of us being the food lovers we are!  Not only did it have a wide assortment of amazing cheese (YUM says the WI girl in me!) and natural foods, but the wine and beer selection made us drool!  After picking up some campfire musts like local brews and fresh fruit, we left happy and ready to eat.  This is a must stop if you are EVER in the area!!

Before leaving NC to head back to our home in GA, we went up to Hendersonville, again to help my man relive some of his youth with a stop at Camp Pinnacle (http://www.camppinnacle.com/ ).  Before exploring the camp, we explored the town.  I fell in love with it instantly!  Everywhere was so dog-friendly.  We even got to take the pups into the local Mast General Store, which quickly won me over with its enormous amount of outdoor gear options.  Check them out at http://www.mastgeneralstore.com/

Finally, we had a delightful lunch sitting outside on the patio of the Black Rose Public House.  The waitress brought out a huge dish of cold water for the pups that lay panting at our feet after an exhausting weekend as we sipped some brews and munched on some typical pub food.  While the food and brews were average, the atmosphere was exactly what we needed.

I have decided that excuses are no longer for me, so I look forward to more adventures like this (or even smaller day get-aways) in the future, perhaps with less RVs and more nature!

So happy to be heading home!

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