Eating Good in the Neighborhood

This is NOT about Applebees…

While it wasn’t a getaway kind of weekend, I still had the opportunity to experience a few new places and have some small adventures.  Friday night kicked off the weekend in delicious style at Heirloom Café:

We all have those places in the towns we live in; the ones which you really want to try but can’t really afford to eat at as a graduate student (or w/the like limited income).  Heirloom Café is one such place; they specialize in fresh, local foods, but it has always seemed just out of my price range.  As luck would have it, I bought a dealmob special for Heirloom Café a couple of months ago.  The bf and I decided to check it out, finally!

Set up in what used to be a car repair garage in the historic Boulevard district of Athens, the atmosphere is surprisingly welcoming.

Heirloom Cafe, a garage no more!

After being seated, we quickly scanned the beer list only to find some yummy New Belgium Brewing options that we had not seen on tap anywhere in town.  I selected the Super Cru and Steve picked the Kick; we were both super happy with our high octane choices (& thought they might bring me good luck w/upcoming Ft. Collins interviews!).  Check out the beer here:

The menu features some very diverse and intriguing foods, from local cheeses to a lentil walnut burger to a White Oak Pastures Flank Steak.  The menu varies based upon the season and availability of local foods.  On our minuscule budget and with my limited palate (& his lack of love for mushrooms), we opted to share a bunch of starters for our meal: Greendale Farm’s Duet w/preserved lemons and Nature’s Harmony Elberton Blue w/poached pears cheese plates, a Super Cru salad featuring local greens, and the Fried Pork Terrine.  Oh and of course the bread basket!

After delightful service from our waitress, who was on a cleanse (yup, it is that kind of an awesome place) and could only describe how everything smelled, we had cleaned our plates, finished our drinks, and had happy tummies.  I hope to go back again…if there is another half-off deal which makes it graduate student affordable!

Check out the above yumminess under the Links tab and stay tuned for the adventure that came the next day…Psst, it involved climbing!

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  1. Posted by Kristin on February 29, 2012 at 1:42 am

    Heirloom also has an awesome brunch!


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