Embracing the Adventure of Hard Work

I just love that an adventure can come in so many forms!  This Saturday I had the opportunity to have a little fun in the woods while helping prepare a local park for some beautification.

Athens, in all of its funky coolness, has many parks.  One of these parks is surrounded by homes in the heart of the Five Points neighborhood. Memorial Park exemplifies what makes Athens a unique town.  I had no idea until Saturday that there was a zoo in this park.  The zoo’s name gives it away, but  Bear Hollow Zoo has deer, a bald eagle, and alligators just to name a few!  Talk about diversity in this little place.  Check out this cool place if you are ever in town!

This creative community service project was arranged by Michael Harman, the masters’ president for the Grady Grad Caucus.  Steve and I showed up thinking we would simply be picking up trash.  As soon as Dan Magee, the county Parks Services Division Administrator, told us what our task would be, I was totally psyched!  Clearing out underbrush and crazy remnants from the old caretaker’s house took me back to the days of cutting wood on the family farm in Wisconsin.

Brian (aka the log tosser) and yours truly

While I used to begrudge my parents for making me help stack, load, unload, and restack wood for our furnace, I now happily see the merits of a couple of hours of manual labor.  Not only did our group clear a large hillside, which will be transformed into a children’s nature trail, but we also worked our butts off and deserved the tasty tacos from Fuzzy’s Taco Shop (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fuzzys-Taco-Shop-Athens/263027047043897).  The event was topped off by super sweet cupcakes brought to us by Debbie Sickles (our at-school mom/task master!).

Meg & I liked to cut each other off (or the vines) w/ these shears

This was a super cool way to spend a few hours on Saturday and here is a cool way to spend a few minutes…with the cutest pup I know!

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