Saturday Strollin’

A colon; no, I am not talking about the punctuation mark; I am talking about a part of the human anatomy.  We all have them, and on Saturday, I and about 200 other runners/walkers took our colons on a stroll!

Ok what really happened was my friend Whitney and I ran in a 5k in Athens, GA called (and I sh!t you not this was the name & no pun intended there!) “Strollin’ for the Colon.”  A couple of other friends had registered as a family a few months ago, and I was not originally part of the group (so I can neither take credit nor blame for our team name).  However due to academic conferences and weather issues, Whitney and I were the only members of team “Just Passin’ Through” to run.

Whitney & I cheesin' it up prior to the start

It has been years since I ran a 5k.  I ran my second half-marathon in October and have run a few other longer races in the past few years.  I called Seattle home the last time I ran 5k race, and I moved from there in 2007!

Whitney and I paced each other throughout the race.  When one of us started to slow, we would be urged forward by the other’s progress.  Much like I have found in my life in general, I relied greatly on the support of my friend to finish the task (race) at hand.

Happy Colon, Happy Person

When we ran across the finish line, I was shocked to find that we had both beat our personal bests for 5ks!!!  We ran at a 9:48 mile pace, which is fast for a girl that normally runs at a 10:00-10:15 mile pace.  We were lucky enough to have family and friends support us at the start and finish line.

Just steps away from the finish line!

Many thanks to Steve and Mitch for taking some awesome pictures and this video:

Steve got to try out some newly purchased gear; here is his review of the BARSKA camera pistol grip:

720p video was shot using a Canon PowerShot G12 digital camera with a new cool BARSKA camera pistol grip to help stabilize the picture.  A great and inexpensive way to get better video from a point-and-shoot camera! 

BARSKA camera pistol grip

While the name was silly, the race was fun!  I am very happy that I did it and even happier that I could run it with my pal, Whitney.  I have decided to make the most of everything in my life and take on even the smallest of adventures with total commitment and passion; for me, this “stroll” was an example of what you can do when you live by this mindset 🙂

2 responses to this post.

  1. Awesome! I love your last sentence the most…”make the most of everything in life…” And I’m impressed by how fast you and Whitney were running in Steve’s video at the finish! 😉


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