You Need to Visit The ‘Noog!

The ‘Noog is how we decided to refer to Chattanooga while Steve and I were driving up there with the pups for a quick weekend/Spring Break getaway.  We had stopped for lunch in the ‘Noog back in November while on the way to Kentucky for a wedding and decided right then we must come back.  I instantly felt at home as people came into the Terminal Brewhouse (where we were having lunch) wearing Merrell shoes and North Face coats; they had just come from their offices for a quick bite to eat.

Upon our arrival in beautiful, sunny Chattanooga, we checked into the uber dog-friendly La Quinta Inn (it even has a fenced in backyard for dogs!) and hit the town to find some grub.  One important caveat of this foodie related trip was that we only wanted to try local, non-chain restaurants.  After checking out places on the Interwebs, we decided to head to the Hair of the Dog Pub as they allow those of the canine variety to come sit on their patio with their human friends.

Hair of the Dog Pub

I ordered a Lil’ Hump Spring Ale crafted by Highland Brewing Company and Steve ordered a Yazoo Hop Project.  After one sip of my Little Hump Spring Ale, I was in dry-hopped, spring beer heaven.  A quick taste made Steve decide he would have to promptly finish his average beer to have a Little Hump Spring Ale for himself.

Oh so tasty, Little Hump Spring Ale

The food was your typical bar fare taken up a notch by adding beer cheese soup to several of their dishes.  With foods such as homemade chips (I LOVE chips!) and sandwiches with funky names like “The Ben Franklin”, we finally decided to split “The Immigrant” (aka a Reuben) and the Pretzel-palooza which of course came with a cup of the beer cheese soup for dipping.

The Immigrant, Pretzel-palooza, and beer cheese soup for dipping!

With fully satisfied bellies (both us and the dogs!), we decided it was time to check out the downtown on foot while the weather was oh so fine.  Before leaving the Hair of the Dog Pub, we got the inside scoop from a few locals; the informed us that the owner of the pub was also the owner of our much adored Terminal Brewhouse and another joint, The Honest Pint.

We wove our way through the streets and found ourselves walking through the grounds of the Tennessee Aquarium, which had really neat stair structures shaped like waves throughout its courtyard area.  As we headed closer to the waterfront, we saw some interesting art structures.  We had to take a picture with the one below as it is wood fashioned to look like old railroad ties.

Full, happy, and photogenic - at least the dogs are 😉

The waterfront was very pretty and well-laid out, but sadly, the riverwalk area does not yet fully embrace our four-legged friends.  Since we could go no further and the pups were getting a bit bored with walking on sidewalks, we headed back to the hotel for some Frisbee fun in the fenced in backyard.

Sydney standing guard at the La Quinta

That evening, after a long, tiring playtime, the dogs decided to stay in and sleep while us humans headed to the lovely Terminal Brewhouse for some brews and local food.  This nifty pub brews its own beer and gives them unique names such as “The White Shadow” and “Magnum P. A.”  Sitting at the bar (which has cool, old beer labels under an epoxy finish) we were lucky enough to actually have the same bartender serve us on this second trip to the brewhouse as we did during our first time there.  Emily took the time to remember our names and chat with us throughout our meal.

Aside from the awesome neighborhood feel and hospitality, the Terminal Brewhouse prides itself on being green and staying local.  It does a fantastic job of this by getting all bread items directly from Neidlov’s Breadworks and coffee freshly roasted at the Chattanooga Coffee Company, just to name a few!

The Terminal Brewhouse (photo courtesy of )

We sipped on a beer sampler while feasting on an appetizer combo named “Mr. Frogs Super Happy Fun Journey”.  We both selected our favorite beers; I preferred the “Terminally Ale” (an American copper ale) while Steve liked the “Magnum P. A.” best.  Once again, with stomachs filled and happy, we headed back to the pups and wondered what adventures would await us in The ‘Noog the following day….

4 responses to this post.

  1. I love just about EVERYTHING about this post. Terminal Brewhouse is one of my favorite Chattanooga stops, besides the epic aquarium of course. I’ve seriously sauntered past Hair of the Dog a dozen times, but never popped in – now I’ll have to. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for giving me even more reasons to love my favorite Tennessee city. 🙂


  2. You like chips? Really? 😉 Loved this post, Kristie! I might have to make my way up there, and will definitely stop at some of these restaurants!


  3. […] my post on Chattanooga (read it here: You Need to Visit the ‘Noog) , we had the great fortune of hooking up with Kirsten from Highland Brewing Company in an attempt […]


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