It was an RC and a Moon Pie Sort of Day

Our second day in The ‘Noog (aka Chattanooga) was overcast, but we still wanted to get out and enjoy the city with the pups.  After reading that the Walnut Street Pedestrian Bridge (which claims to be the longest one of its kind in the world!) is open to canine peeps, we headed out from the hotel to check it out.

After parking near the start of the, we quickly became distracted by the buildings of the Hunter Museum of American Art.  To get to the museum we had to cross a glass bridge, which freaked Sydney out a bit especially when it moved as cars passed underneath!

Sydney was a bit shaky on the glass bridge

The grounds of these three mismatched buildings provided us with some cool/strange sculptures to check out as well as a nice view of the bridge and Walnut Street Bridge.  After cheesin’ it up and barking at a few random cats (totally just the dogs, not me!), we headed to tackle the world’s longest pedestrian bridge.

Hunter Museum of American Art from the Walnut St Bridge

On the other side of this bridge sits a funky part of The ‘Noog known as none other than North Chattanooga (because it is on the north side of the river and all…).  There we found a fat lover’s paradise!  While we didn’t stop in any of these places, the main street is lined with shops offering donut sundaes, ice cream, and an entire shop devoted to hot dogs just to name a few.

We did, however, find a very cool dog bakery and boutique.  While I am not normally a fan of these sorts of places because of their often pretentious atmosphere and outrageous prices, we decided to check it out.  Bone Appétit Bakery looked like a normal high scale place upon entrance, but that quickly changed as the owner came racing out to greet the pups (oh and us I guess).  After giving each pup four free homemade treats, we looked at their “bakery” case.  It was actually decently priced, so we got a good-sized bag of various treats for just $5!

Dog heaven

After returning to the car and taking exhausted dogs back to the hotel for a nap, we headed to a place we had heard about from locals, Big River Grille & Brewing Works.  As soon as we walked in, the place seemed familiar to me but couldn’t figure out why.  Well folks, we were fooled…we were in a chain place!  While the beer was good and food fine, we had walked directly into what we were trying to avoid as this specific establishment is a chain and is owned by the larger corporation that also owns Gordon Biersch.

Steve feeling tricked at Big River Grille & Brewing Works

After our disappointment at being tricked into a chain, Steve and I needed something local ASAP!  What better to fix that then an RC & a Moon Pie?!  Yes folks Moon Pies are made at the Chattanooga!  Steve was in Southern heaven (even though we only got about half-way through both the RC and moon pie).

Before heading to play with the pups, our last afternoon stop was the third of the trio owned bars, The Honest Pint.  It was pretty quiet since it was a Monday afternoon (yes we were in a bar…), and the bartender, Tommy, came over asking our names immediately.  Just like with Emily at Terminal Brewhouse, we quickly struck up a conversation with Tommy, who really knows the beers which he is offering up!  That afternoon I learned that a little bit of heaven can be found in their Pimento Cheese Fritters.  That’s right, how do you make cheese better? You deep fry it! Yummm!

Happiness is deep fried pimento cheese from The Honest Pint!

Following another marathon session of Frisbee and play in the fenced in backyard of the La Quinta, the pups decided to eat supper and crash at the hotel once again leaving us humans to our own devices.  I had seen a place as we drove by it numerous times; I thought it looked like a place to check out.  I am not above admitting that I may have been wrong.  The Market Street Tavern seemed cool from the outside, but once inside we got a strange vibe.  Not sure if the bartender was having an off day, but she did not come across as nicest person or like she wanted to be there.  Since this wasn’t a busy night, the bartender also took our food orders.  The wings, which were on special, were generally fine, but the Gruyère mac ‘n’ cheese was nothing special.  With a limited selection of draft beers, we had Yazoo Brewing Company beers, quickly finished them and left slightly unfulfilled by our visit to this establishment.

Looking back on this trip, I keep thinking how awesome The ‘Noog was and how much I want to go back!  Hopefully a climbing trip w/ a few gals will be in my future plans…Katie, Gina?

One more picture that was too cute not to add…

Sydney can not only sing but plays the piano too!

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