Good Riddance To Hiding!

Throughout our lives we hide.  As children we often run behind our parents’ legs or cling to them when we are scared or worried.  As we grow, this inclination to hide can take other forms.  What I mean by this is that sometimes when times get tough we (ok maybe not everyone) hide behind things such as a false bravado, people, clothing to mask our bodies, and a myriad of other things.

While I would like to say that I have always been an open book and a strong, fearless woman, I have hidden my fair share during my 32 years on this round orb we call home.  Those of you closest to me know I can hide pretty well when life is most painful.

To some people this may be a silly post because what I have been hiding behind for years have been my bangs.  That’s right folks!  I am talking about my hair.

As a child I was so, so happy when I was finally allowed to choose my hair style.  I grew my bangs out as soon as I could!  I may have looked a bit awkward but hey who doesn’t when they are in their teenage years?!

14, awkward, and happy!

As my time at the Coast Guard Academy gave way to my active duty career, I began to know myself more and grow into a strong self-aware woman.  I was gaining confidence not only in my career but also in my appearance.

My sister & I at my LT promotion in 2006

Beautiful ladies circa 2006

All of this changed.  Without getting into nasty details here (because who needs to hear that?!), I cut my hair to form bangs in 2008 after repeated belittling by someone saying that I had a “high forehead like a horse”.  I was once again hiding behind something…

While I have received compliments on my hair over the past years, those that know me know that I am a fusser.  If my bangs aren’t just perfect, my whole groove is thrown off.  I constantly feel the need to ensure my bangs are how they were when I used the blow dryer and copious amounts of hairspray to set them just right.  Wind can really piss me off, which seems ridiculous because I love a nice breeze.

Fun w/ Sydney & Splash but darn you, wind!

Anyway, I am done hiding!  My life has gotten soooo much better since I left that life I led four years ago.  As such, I have decided that I am done with my hiding.  To some people, they are just bangs, but to me they have been a barrier protecting me from past fears.  I am leaving the bangs and my fears in the past!  If I ever change my hair or any part of my being/life in the future it will be 100% my choice and NOT a mask to hide behind!

That strong, powerful, woman has completely reemerged…I am back!

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  1. Posted by Regan on April 11, 2012 at 12:42 pm

    I love you!


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