Vegas, baby, Vegas

Holy guacamole it has been a busy two weeks!  I feel way behind on updates on some fun stuff that I have been doing, so get ready for an onslaught of awesomeness 😉  It all started with a trip to Las Vegas for a few days of fun!

Vegas is always a fun time, in my opinion.  While I was able to get out into nature last year during my trip to BEA/NAB, we were carfree this go ‘round, so fun was to be had within walking distance!

Valley of Fire, April 2011

After a day and a half of fun with some old friends of Steve’s, we headed to our base for the trip at the Tuscany Suites.  This place was rooms for only $50 a night that are big enough for three adults to share for the entire stay!  Also, I have NEVER seen a fitness facility at a hotel as nice as this one.  Not only is there a normal pool for fun, but there is a lap pool for exercise only!  With about 10 cardio machines, a plethora of dumbbells, various weighted barbells, and many lifting machines, this gym lover was very impressed.

With the boys in Vegas...ah the life 🙂

Of course we walked the entire Strip and had plenty of your typical Vegas experiences, but the coolest parts included a dive bar we fell in love with and a crazy awesome party which we somehow got the invite to!

So the aforementioned dive bar is the Stage Door Casino, which is off the Strip directly behind the Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall & Saloon.  As luck would have it, we had to walk past it each and every time we went to the Strip 🙂   Great cheap American beers for as low as even $1!  Check out my review (as well as many others) here: Stage Door Casino

The awesomeness that is the Stage Door Casino

The other kicking time was the G-Technology by Hitachi party at the Hyde in the Bellagio.  I had been invited since I was on a mailing list as having attended the NAB conference last year.  The Hyde is definitely some place that I would never have gone to aside from this party because it is not my normal scene.  It is super swanky and has the vibe as being a place where the elite, swanky, “beautiful” people would hang out.  Regardless, this party gave me an insight into a different culture; not to mention the free food and drinks 😉 It was also super cool to see Bellagio’s dancing water shows from a new view!

Bellagio's dancing waters show from Hyde

Oh and they had a caricature artist doing portraits using some of their cool products.  Steve told the guy that I was going to be working for the Forest Service soon and this is what he created, haha!

Too funny...& not really accurate

All in all, this Vegas trip was fun and showed me new things about the town.  Next time, though, I really want to go to Red Rocks and climb instead 🙂

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  1. I like the climbing idea 🙂


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