Glorious Beer in Beautiful Asheville Makes a Gal Happy!

I am not completely sure how I have lived in Athens, GA for going on two years and just finally made it up to Asheville, NC this weekend!  I really wish I had gotten the chance to discover this amazingly cool town earlier in my time here.

With my current less than stellar ankle/foot situation, hiking was out and climbing was not an option.  Getting around town on crutches or hobbling a few feet without them would have to be enough of an adventure for me!  Steve and I headed north on a beautiful drive taking us through one gorgeous view after another.

Just beautiful!

After my post on Chattanooga (read it here: You Need to Visit the ‘Noog) , we had the great fortune of hooking up with Kirsten from Highland Brewing Company in an attempt to get their spring seasonal, Little Hump, into our local stores.  Kirsten was such a help with that and even offered to set us up on a private tour of the brewery when we headed to Asheville!  Umm, yeah how exactly do you say no to that?!  Well, I didn’t 😉

Following our arrival in this funky little town, we (read that as “I”) hobbled our way to the Lexington Avenue Brewery where we had some tasty, perfectly sized lunches before making our way to the highlight of the day, our private tour!

Strawberry & almond arugula salad w/ pimento cheese BLT on toast
Gazpacho w/ a meatball slider

Once we figured out how to get to the somewhat secluded  Highland Brewing Company (we used GPS, and I still managed to get us lost!), we met up with Steve who is the head of sales and merchandise.  He took us through an extensive tour and to places normal tours don’t necessarily get to go/see (inside the bottling line and where they keep the just for fun beer experiments).  After filling our glasses with tasty selections, we walked through the brewery, tasted barley at multiple malted levels (they came from WI!), and learned more about the brewing process than I had ever known (& I have been on my share of brewery tours).

Eating barley…this one was pretty good!

Steve giving us some of the “experiment” beer. Notice the nail in his hand, the beer is coming out the nail hole!

As luck would have it, Highland Brewing Company was tapping their summer seasonal, Razor Wit, the day of our tour!  After an amazing, not to mention super tasty tour, we enjoyed this newly released brew on their porch and got some local insight into food options.

I was starving and if you know me at all, that means I can start to get cranky if I don’t eat soon 😉  We headed to a place that looked good and was right downtown, Pack’s Tavern.  With tons of North Carolina brews on tap, and a yummy looking menu I was initially happy.  Sadly that sorta changed.  First, I ordered a beer that was just too darn fruity for my taste (my bad because it did have blueberry in the name); next our waitress seemed to not be having the best day, at least I am going to give her the benefit of the doubt and hope that is what it was.  We ordered an appetizer of dips and chips as well as a Monte Cristo to split.  With a disgusted look on her face our waitress’ response was “You know that’s deep-fried, right?” The appetizer and sandwich were brought out at the exact same time and one of the dips was so cooled (a queso dip) that it was near impossible to “dip” a chip into it.  The sandwich (my first Monte Cristo ever!) was luckily very tasty; however, I don’t think I would go back there as there are so many other great places to eat in Asheville.

All in all the first day in Asheville was a beautiful, sunny day with some great food and beer (and some not so great).  Thanks to Kirsten and Steve at  Highland Brewing Company for making the day awesome 🙂  Just wait until you see what I got to do on the second day in Asheville!!!!!

Happy me!

3 responses to this post.

  1. I feel you on the being hungry and cranky thing…


  2. Yeah!! I love Asheville! Thanks for the recap, chica! 🙂


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