Pupusas, Beer, & a Falcon!!!!

What do all of the three things in the title have to do with one another you ask? My second day in Asheville, NC would be the answer! That is right folks, I got to hold a Peregrine Falcon!!!  Ok let me back up here…

The day started off a bit overcast, and I was once again hungry (shocking, I know!).  We went to breakfast at this awesome Greek/American dinner called The Mediterranean Restaurant, or as the locals call it, The Med.  There is a reason that this places looks and feels like the quintessential local dinner; it is.  Opened in 1969, The Med has the same owners dishing up phenomenal food for surprisingly low prices.  Be careful though because this gem is only open for breakfast and lunch; also it isn’t open at all on Sundays!

The Med made my tummy happy!

After a meal of biscuits with sausage gravy, eggs, toast, cheese grits, and homefries (don’t be fooled though because they called them “hashbrowns”), we were stuffed to the gills and ready to hit the town, gimpy style.  But first, to answer the question burning in your mind right now, no I didn’t eat all of the food alone; Steve ate half of it!

Next we strolled across the street to check out Tops for Shoes, which is such a huge, multilevel store that it takes up most of a city block.  I have really wanted to get myself some Keen sport sandals for a long time, so I tried on a few pairs.  I discovered the pair that were meant for my feet, Keen Venice H2!  Sadly, the steep price of $95 kept those beauties in the store and out of my closet 😦

Not to be put off by expensive prices, we headed to Mast General Store in downtown Asheville.  Now, if you have read my previous posts, you might know that I fell in love with this store last summer in Henderson, NC (https://anappetiteforadventure.wordpress.com/2012/02/03/oh-pisgah-i-love-ya/), so I was giddy with excitement!

Just me being crazy with a random metal pig in the park

Apparently Steve has a thing for pig’s ears????

I have to admit that I did treat myself to my first pair of Keen’s during this trip, but they will become vitally important come winter in Cody.  They were having a sale on sample size shoes, which happen to be size 7, and wouldn’t ya know, I wear size 7 for winter boots!  Let’s just say that I just these beautiful Betty Boots by Keen for a steal; that is right they were less than my last pair of on sale Asics running shoes from Kohl’s!

Ok so back to what you have all been waiting for, I held a falcon!  How cool?!

Zelda the Peregrine Falcon

See, I wasn’t making it up 🙂  Please check out the below video (I am holding a falcon, people!!) to find out about some great work that Peter Kipp and the Quest Foundation are doing.

After the amazing falcon encounter, we enjoyed the River Arts District with all of its quirky and interesting studios of blown glass, pottery, and a heap of other cool artistic pieces.  We arrived at Wedge Brewing Company for a few tasty brews and yet another first for my time in Asheville, my first tamale!  While I have had an amazing dish that my mom makes called tamale pie, I have never had a legit tamale.  This one was extra unique because it was from a food truck; not just any ordinary food truck but from Ceci’s Culinary Tour.  The tamales and pupusas were delish!


Of course I had to watch the Derby that evening after picking my winning horses on vital information such as how cool the name was and what number/color combo the horse and jockey would be wearing 😉 We made our way from one brewery to the next and watched the race at the Asheville Brewing Company with a sampling of five of their brews.  Shockingly, my favorite was the Jalapeño beer!  As someone who is not a fan of even the slightest hint of heat in my food or beverages, I loved this beer because it had the Jalapeño taste with absolutely no heat.

In my “happy place”

Our tour of Asheville was topped off with a cool experience that evening.  It was Cinco de Mayo, so we figured finding a place to eat might be a bit hard; plus, we were actually beered-out (I know, unthinkable…).  We decided to head to a French restaurant.  Of course as soon as we got to Bouchon’s, it was packed with a long wait.  We struck up a conversation with a local gal who told us about the treasure hiding next door; Creperie Bouchon was just what the doctor ordered with a large outdoor patio under the stars (& the supermoon) and a live three-piece band paired perfectly with a tasty cheese plate and French wine.

Tastiness to finish the day…I love cheese

This was a great way to finish my time in a city I never knew I would love, Asheville, NC.

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  1. Posted by climbrunliftmom on May 14, 2012 at 1:46 pm

    You are a WI girl. I can totally tell by the last comment on your last picture, lol. (It’s ok, I feel the same way). Looks like a great trip!


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