M. A. = Master of Awesomeness

Phew!  Last week sure was an eventful week!

In the course of one short week, I finalized my last project to complete my graduate school career, said goodbye to dear friends for who knows how long, walked at convocation, and got some new artwork.  All of this was done while starting the initial stages of what is now consuming my life, packing for my move to Wyoming.

Last Thursday I took part in a tradition which I was unfamiliar with prior to my arrival in Athens, GA.  Convocation is yet another reason to celebrate graduates from a specific college within the university. As I learned, this one would be shorter than the graduation itself, and I didn’t have to wear a cap and gown.

I decided to forgo the formal graduation ceremony and only take part in Grady College’s convocation.  Of course, there were those who couldn’t understand why I didn’t want to go through the pomp and circumstance of graduation to celebrate the completion of my M. A.  I tried to explain to those folks that nothing could ever outdo my graduation from the U. S. Coast Guard Academy and receiving my commission from my grandfather who spent 27 years enlisted in the Navy and is one of my heroes.  He had a knee operation and had a new uniform made for that ceremony. So no, for me simply wearing a gown with people I didn’t really know that well would never compete with that experience.

Grandpa and I after he gave me my commission

My parents pinning on my Ensign shoulder boards

Since my parents are awesome enough to take some of their limited vacation time to help me move across country in a few weeks and my sister is stationed overseas, I was without my immediate family at the ceremony.  However, I was blessed because Steve, Nadine, & Megan were there to support and congratulate me.  What would I do without my friends? 🙂

This Master of Awesomeness is DONE!!!

So what else, you may ask, did I do last week?  Well sometimes pictures do a better job of describing things, but let me just say that Chris at Pain and Wonder is an amazing artist!!

This is the simple picture I took in…

Let’s get this party started!

Outline and red almost done

So beautiful I got misty eyed!

If you know me at all, you know I think through my tattoos for months to years before getting them and that all of the now five mean more to me than just being a beautiful piece of art.  This one is no different, so if you want to know what it means to me, ask! 🙂

2 responses to this post.

  1. Ok I’m curious, what does it mean?


    • Ok so at first glance you just see a rope in a double figure 8 w/ a finishing knot (typical climbing rope to connect your harness to the rope) but much more meaning to me. This knot is much stronger as a double than a single and can support much more weight and stress together. The rope is my belief in God, a symbol that I am connected to something beyond what I can see. A double figure 8 can be seen as 4 S’s woven together (my mom & dad were first so they are the interior figure 8 while my sister & I are the outer). The loop signifies that there is room for others in our lives, but the finishing knot shows that my family will never be torn apart.


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