Can A Gal Get A Little Help?!

See this girl right here?


That is a freckled-faced  me at age 1!  Right from the start I was on the move, wanting to try new things, meet new people, and see new places.  I wouldn’t even let two heart surgeries slow me down!  When people told me I couldn’t do something, I tried my hardest to prove them wrong.  While this did lead to some stressful moments for my parents (i.e. throwing my body 100% into every sport I played…sorry Mom!), it also helped me develop an attitude of determination and persistence.

I have always pushed myself to make my family proud while doing things that will improve my life and me as a person.  Along the way, I have tried to always inspire others.  From achievements in high school to being accepted into one of the most selective colleges (USCG Academy) in the country to pushing myself to lead an active lifestyle, the desire to help others improve their own lives has been at the forefront of my life.

Yep, that is me at 19 onboard USCGC Eagle

In this stead, I have applied to become an Ambassador for Stonewear Designs.  This company helps promote active lifestyles for women.  The greatest thing about this company is that they aren’t pushing women to become marathon runners or triathletes!  Nope, this women-centered company is empowering women to be active in whatever way feels best for them whether that is simply getting out on a walk with their family or a bike ride with friends.

Sooo, why are you reading this small blip into my life and this awesome opportunity for which I am trying?  I need your help!  Please let Stonewear Designs know if you think I would make an awesome, inspiring Ambassador for this empowering brand.  You can send an email to Cassie at Stonewear Designs (, post on their Facebook page (Stonewear Designs Facebook page), or send them a tweet (Stonewear Designs Twitter page) on my behalf (remember I am @wigirl4ever)!

Megan & I enjoying an indoor climbing day!

Thank you for any and all support you may be able to give me on this quest 🙂

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