URSportswear Short Review

One of the first pieces of mail I received after my move to Wyoming was a pair of shorts from URSportswear.  I was sent these shorts, which are part of a recently launched line, to try them out and share my opinion via anyway I saw fit.  As I have promised, I will be completely honest in my reviews of gear.  I will share the good, bad, and the ugly.

After two runs in these shorts, I can honestly say that I LOVE them!

Happy me after 1st run in the shorts

I was initially skeptical because they are a similar design to good ol’ bike shorts.  I have never looked good nor liked bike shorts because, as I recently told a friend, I normally feel like a stuffed sausage in those sorts of shorts.

The Awesome:  These shorts actually stayed in place, didn’t ride, up, were comfortable, kept me cool, and best….I really like how they look on me!

No stuffed sausage here 😉

I also really dig the pocket on the butt for keys, money, ID, whatever.  While running, my keys don’t annoy me in this pocket like they often do in shirts with little zipper pockets.

Back pocket (courtesy of URSportswear website)

The Not-As-Awesome: Because the company is brand spanking new and these short are a part of their initial launch of clothing, the shorts are a bit pricier ($56) than what I would normally spend on a pair of running shorts.

My overall vote on these shorts…they are worth every pretty penny!  I plan to wear these shorts biking and climbing (someday when I actually find people to climb with!).

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