Another Weekend for the Books!

I am awaiting additional pictures to be uploaded (ahem, Gina & Katie), but here is a quick taste of what my amazing weekend in Salt Lake City was like!  The first picture is a group of amazing, active peeps who I met via #ClimbChat on Twitter.

Finally got to meet a huge group of amazing outdoor/climbing peeps!
(photo courtesy of Andrew Bradberry)

You will see most of the same suspects in this picture 😉  This was during my first official outdoor climbing adventure!

Great crew of friends!
(photo courtesy of Whitney Orban)

So, are you looking forward to my actual post about the Outdoor Retailer show and my first climbing day?  I know I am looking forward to writing it!

3 responses to this post.

  1. Kristie – glad you had a great time at the OR show. With all these “tweeps” that were there this year, I’m sad I was not able to make it out to meet everyone. Perhaps our paths will cross at the Winter show if you make the pilgrimage back to SLC in January.I look forward to reading about your experience at the show – it’s certainly a lot to take in!


  2. Awesome!!!! It was so much fun 🙂


  3. Did you not get the photos?


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