Happiness in….Utah??? Yes!

If we are lucky, at some point in our lives we come to a point of peace.  Call it Zen, happiness, peace, or whatever you want; this feeling can be caused by many things.  I feel lucky and blessed to be living in a dream location, working a dream job, and as of the start of August, I was able to add the final portion my own personal happiness.

While I have met many wonderful people throughout my life, I was so happy to finally find people as passionate about the outdoors as me.  How did I find these people, you ask…well, social networking of course 🙂  It was through these friends (who I finally got to meet some of in real life!) that I have intensified my passions but also received an invite to go to the summer Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City!

After meeting Haley and Josh on Friday night (following a “short” 7 hour drive), I was as excited as a kid the night before Christmas.  Not just because of all of the amazing, new, top of the line gear I would be seeing the next day, but also because I would finally be meeting people who I had grown so close with.

I picked up some amazing gear and made some great contacts with super companies like Columbia and Millet (pronounced Mee-Yay).  Look for future reviews of gear from these companies as well as Isis and Clean Bottle.  I was so in awe that I forgot to take pictures of everything.

Luckily, some people were smart and took pics of those of us from the show that are regulars on #ClimbChat on Twitter.

Finally got to meet a huge group of amazing outdoor/climbing peeps!
(photo courtesy of Andrew Bradberry)

Saying that I instantly felt a connection with all of these people would be an understatement.  I now know that if I travel to Florida, Michigan, Colorado, or Utah, I will immediately have a place to stay and people to adventure/climb with 🙂

After the fun of the OR Show on Saturday, Sunday was climbing in the American Fork Canyon on the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest.  This was my very first time climbing outside, so I was extremely excited/nervous/anxious as Katie, Josh, and I walked up the trail to the rock.  After watching Josh expertly send the 5.7 Rockapella, my time had come.

Josh made this climb look like a walk in the park

I thought I might lose my breakfast, but as soon as my hands touched the rock face, I felt a calm come over me and my focus narrowed.

Bliss 🙂 (picture by Katie, themorningfresh.com)

I got in one more route but spent a good portion of the afternoon belaying others as the crushed routes beyond my ability (for now, but not for long!).

Steve Weiss showing us all how Suicide Blonde is done!

The day was perfect.  Beautiful setting, amazing friends crushing intense routes, and two of the cutest kids ever (Haley’s little ones are climbers!) made my first day on the rock all that I had hoped for and more!

Future climbing masters

So who is up for some Columbus Day weekend climbing fun? 😉

Who wants to hang with this gang again? Me!

6 responses to this post.

  1. You already know this, but you ROCK lady. Seriously can’t wait to do some more climbing with you one day. But for now, you should pay a visit to your old homestate – Niko and I will be in Georgia next weekend doing some bouldering. Come play! 🙂


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  3. […] I mentioned in a previous post (https://anappetiteforadventure.wordpress.com/2012/08/17/happiness-in-utah-yes/), I had the pleasure of attending the summer Outdoor Retailer show in Utah last month.  While […]


  4. Love this 🙂 That was such a fun wknd! I miss you all!!!! Love the pic of my little “dirt”bags too, lol.


  5. […] I was also offered the chance to head back to another OR show.  After the amazing time I had at last summer’s show, I jumped at the opportunity to once again be part of what I like to call Christmas for […]


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