I am a goddess – Isis Henna Sport Bra review

I am a goddess….at least that is what my new sports bra from Isis says 🙂

Nope, not making it up…my bra tells the truth!

I picked up the Henna Sport Bra from the Isis booth at the Outdoor Retailer earlier this month.  They were selling these bras for $20 (normally $39), and after Haley swore their bras were the best ever, I decided I had to try one for myself.  **Be aware that while I normally wear smalls for sport bras, the ladies at the booth recommended I go a size up to a medium.**

I have now worn it for a run and a workout at the gym.  It performed very well, and I was comfortable throughout.

The Awesome: Haley was right!  This is the best sport bra I have ever worn.  The material is super soft against your skin and with double material in the front you don’t run the risk of showing your “stuff” off to the world while working out!  The straps aren’t adjustable, which I was a bit suspect about at first, but it actually fit me perfectly.

Rockin’ the Henna Sport Bra

The Not-so-awesome: The price.  Maybe it is just me, but because I tend to not buy my bras from places like Victoria’s Secret, I am not used to paying almost $40 for a bra.  I was lucky to get the deal that I did on this bra, and even though I love it, I think the price may keep me from getting additional ones for a bit.

Do you know of any great sport bras that may rival this one?  Let me know!

2 responses to this post.

  1. Nice review! I’m sad I missed this at the show!


  2. I bought one too…. wish I had bought 2! I usually wear mediums, and med was perfect for me as well. 🙂 Need more colors tho…


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