Who you callin’ a PeakFreak?!

As I mentioned in a previous post (https://anappetiteforadventure.wordpress.com/2012/08/17/happiness-in-utah-yes/), I had the pleasure of attending the summer Outdoor Retailer show in Utah last month.  While there I connected with some awesome folks from Columbia Sportswear.  About a week or so after I got back this gorgeous package arrived.

Oh what a happy thing to come home to at lunch!

I was excited by the prospect of getting these puppies on and hitting a trail near me.  I was able to wear my new PeakFreaks Friday of that week when I went on a work outing with the hopes of viewing some grizzly bears on a moth site.

While we didn’t see any bears, the shoes we comfy and as light as a feather.  I was able to stay stable with sustained winds blowing to 45mph, which comes in handy in Wyoming!

Intense wind but my PeakFreaks are keeping me steady

Since then, I have worn these shoes to hike up very steep loose trails and scree to get to some local crags as well as to summit Harney Peak, the highest point of elevation in South Dakota.

Syd & I at the summit of Harney Peak

The awesome: These beauties are super lightweight and are very comfortable.  They fit my feet great, and even going over rocks, I don’t feel them through the soles.  These shoes work great for climbing mountain trails as well as trail running on hills.

Syd was wondering why PeakFreaks don’t come in dog sizes…

The not so awesome: A $120 price is tough for me to choke down, but these shoes are as worthy of the price tag as many of those that you will find at Foot Locker or your neighborhood sporting goods store.  When coming down steep hills or mountain sides, my toes seem to jam into the front of the shoe worse than my Columbia Sportswear hiking boots.

So there ya have it folks!  My take, I like them enough that I want to continue on my Columbia Sportswear streak of shoes by getting some Powerdrains (after saving up a bit!).

2 responses to this post.

  1. Sure looks like it was windy that day! Also, love the picture with your dog…perfect timing on him sticking his tongue out!


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