2 dogs + 2 people = Fun in SD

Chances are that if you have ever met me, you know that I am close with my family and that at 32 I still enjoy spending time with/taking trips with my parents.  I had the chance to do just that over the recent Labor Day weekend.

My mom and I decided to meet in Rapid City for a few days of fun and hiking with the dogs (Sydney and Fia, my sister’s dog which my parents are keeping while my sis is stationed overseas).  The last time I actually stopped in the Black Hills and didn’t just drive through them on the way to another destination was in 1992 during my family’s first big road trip vacation (I think we did like 12 states in 10 days or something close to that).

Hmm, I think I remember seeing these guys before….

Anyway…my mom and I met up in the parking lot of our hotel.  We got there about 10 minutes apart which is pretty amazing timing considering she was driving 10 hours and I was driving 5 ½.  The dogs went berserk at the joy of being reunited (they hadn’t seen each other since Christmas).

After a low-key rest of the day we were raring to go on our first adventure.  We decided to hit up Harney Peak first thing in the morning as it would be getting up into the 90s later in the day (and we had no desire to injure our dogs!).  There are two trails taking you from the gorgeous Sylvan Lake area in Custer State Park through the Black Elk Wilderness of the Black Hills National Forest; we decide to take Trail #4.

At an elevation of 7,242ft, this granite peak is the highest point in the state.  With an elevation gain of 1,100ft, it was a fun hike for all four of us…until we got to the very top where there is a tower.  It was at this point that Fia (my sister’s dog) freaked out because of the metal grated stairs.

Fia was so scared that she almost dove over the side!

Luckily, my mom had already made this hike and summit before, so Syd and I left them behind and ran our way up to the top before scrambling out on some rocks 🙂

Syd & I at the summit of Harney Peak

The four of us coming down from the summit

As luck would have it, that day was actually Fia’s birthday (as decided by my sister when she adopted her).  While driving through the beauty that is Custer State Park, we treated the pups to birthday knock-off Twinkies, which couldn’t have been more fitting (family joke 😉 ).

After leaving the completely tuckered pups at the hotel, my mom and I headed for the bustling area that is downtown Rapid City (I kid of course).  We decide to go eat at Firehouse Brewing.  After a tasty beer sampling, we opted on a dunkle and a red for mom and I respectively.  Figuring we burned a gazillion calories that day, we decided to order a huge plate of nachos to share as our supper.

Nachos so good I forgot to take a picture before diving in

With day #1 of the trip in the books it was time to hit the hay to rest up for day #2!

7 responses to this post.

  1. After reading this lovely post, all I can say is – I WANT A PUP SO DARN BAD. Ugh, it’s killing me! Also, those half-eaten nachos look phenomenal. 😉


  2. Posted by Joshua Riggins on September 12, 2012 at 10:49 pm

    Great post. Enjoyed it, as I also enjoyed the black hills. Would live to go back and spend more time there…


  3. Posted by Sheri Salzmann on September 15, 2012 at 9:01 am

    Silly Miss Fia she didn’t care how far you could see from up on top Harney’s Peak…those iron steps were the end of her summitting this peak 🙂 Great time espthe company &&& end of day with nachos & aweome brews 🙂


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