Sunday Gulch hike…on a Sunday of course

Ok, so the first day of our South Dakota trip was pure awesomesauce ( but the second day was just as great!  After a super…umm healthy (not!) breakfast of pancakes at IHOP 😉 my mom and I gathered the pups into the car for another day of adventure.  We headed back to the Sylvan Lake area in Custer State Park to hike the Sunday Gulch trail.

Sylvan Lake is stunning

We made sure to carry a bit more water for the pups because we were out of all water when we got back to the car the day before.

One Teton Sport hydration pack and two dog bottles…I am a water mule!

We first had to go around the lake, which had a good amount of foot traffic, and through a cool rock opening to find out trailhead.

Mom and Fia in the rock crack leading to the trailhead

This hike was a loop just shy of 3 miles, but it was definitely an interesting start as we scrambled down huge boulders to get to the bottom of the gulch before winding along the floor and then ascending the gulch sides back to Sylvan Lake.

Part of the scramble we came down

Mom pointing out one of the “interesting sights” the Sunday Gulch hike boasts…

After making it back to the car with two once again tired pups, we decide to drive towards Hill City and hit up a few wineries before heading back to the hotel.  We stopped at two, Stone Faces Winery and Prairie Berry Winery.  They both had some tasty wines including their individual takes on rhubarb wines, but the lines were so long we opted to try and not buy.

After some shopping (we only have WalMart in Cody), we headed back to Firehouse Brewing for another feast of good food and brews.

Sylvan Lake is too pretty not to include another shot of it

The next morning we went our separate ways with my Mom and Fia heading back to Wisconsin while Sydney and I started our drive to Colorado and entirely new adventure!

4 responses to this post.

  1. Your mom is adorable. 🙂 I want my mom to cut her hair like that – it’s super cute.

    Also, I had no idea SD looked like this. I’ve driven through and saw some semi-promising areas, but nothing like that. Always good to learn more about this country.


  2. Wineries and an awesome hike?!? Sounds like a great day!

    You gotta get Syd a pack and make her carry her own water!! 😉 Sprocket doesn’t mind his at all.


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