Have water, will travel – Teton Sports hydration pack review

About a month ago I was out trail running one day (as I do several times a week now).  That day, I had enough of the ill-fitting hydration pack I have had for years.  I bought it cheap during a time in my life when I definitely couldn’t afford a real Camelbak (which I have owned a few of in the past) or anything else decent.  It worked well enough for what my wallet could afford, or so I realized until I started using it almost daily for trail runs and bike rides following my move to Wyoming. 

It may sound strange, but I have some fond memories associated with my old hydration pack.  It went on several hikes in Alaska when I took a very healing trip up there with my family.

Rockin my old hydration pack on some AK rocks

My Dad and I during a hike in Alaska

Regardless, this pack was starting to rub in all the wrong places (not sure that there would be any right places here…), so it was time for it to go.  I contacted my friend Shawn with Teton Sports to find out more about their cool looking TrailRunner2.0 hydration pack. To my amazement, after discussing the pack, he offered to send me one!

A few days later this showed up at my door.

Great fit for my frame

Loving the inter-connected straps

Starting that day, it has become my standby hydration pack.  I use it for trail runs, bike rides, hikes, and runs in town.  The pack has seen the highest peak in South Dakota (2 dogs+ 2 people = Fun in SD), multiple hikes/trail runs and a mountain bike ride in Colorado, and of course lots of runs and rides here in Wyoming.

The pack worked great for hooking on the dogs’ water bottles, too!

The Awesome:  The TrailRunner2.0 hydration pack has straps that are interconnected.  One of my favorite features of the pack is these cool little tabs on the waist straps; they keep the extra strap length from flapping around.  The fit of the pack is perfect for me and fit my sister really well when she wore it for a hike up Heart Mountain recently.  I like the versatility of the pack in that you can have the tube come out on either side of the pack.  The straps and back are a lightweight mesh, which allows you to remain cool when being active.  There is a small mesh pocket on the outside as well as a bungee system to strap a shirt or something to the back.  Lastly, I am normally put off by how expensive hydration packs can be…this one is less than $30 through Amazon!!!!

My sister rockin’ the pack during our Heart Mtn hike

The Not as Awesome: When I ride I always take my bike pump, tire pressure gauge, and tire repair kit.  I easily carried these all in my now retired pack.  While they all fit in the open mesh pocket of the TrailRunner2.0 hydration pack, I worry that they could be jarred free during a bumpy, rocky section of trail.  It was also be sweet to have a small, zippered pocket on the front of the pack for keys or even a small clip for keys within the mesh pocket.  Also, the chest strap can rub the material of your shirt, but I am pretty sure this happens on almost all packs with chest straps when movement occurs.

Overall I love this hydration pack!  Thanks to Shawn and Teton Sports for hooking me up; I look forward to many more runs, hikes, bikes, and climbs with this little pack. 

This pack gets a thumbs up from me and a tail wag of approval from the pup!

4 responses to this post.

  1. Dang skinny mini, that last picture makes me want to feed you a dozen cheeseburgers! 🙂 But my goodness, you wear that pack well, m’lady. Lookin’ good! I have a HydraPak hydration pack like yours, but I never really do anything that doesn’t require a bigger pack, so I have yet to use it. I’m trying to get Niko to go trail running with me, so maybe that would be a perfect time to use it!


  2. Nice! I’ve been checking out hydration packs and will definitely have to keep this one in mind. Thanks!


  3. […] in the canyon.  The harder internal frame gave me nice support throughout the hike.  Unlike their TrailRunner 2.0 Hydration Pack, this pack had a few extra pockets and more storage room, but both packs did have the nice clips to […]


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