An Ode to Omni-Heat

Most of the time I am not the person who is up on the latest technology or innovations.  Case in point, the one Apple item I own is the adorable Ipod nano touch that my sister gave me this past year for my birthday.  I have a TV that is over 5 years old (but it is a flat screen!), and my android phone is two years old (gasp!).

One new technology that I have fallen in love with is Columbia Sportswear’s Omni-Heat.  These amazing little reflective silver dots are one of my new favorite things!  I was so intrigued by this technology when I first hear about it from my friend Gina this past winter (after she went heliskiing in AK…I have the coolest friends!).  Naturally, when I accepted my job in Cody,  I went right out and bought an awesome new winter coat which has this technology (the coat in this post in fact, One good thing deserves another).

Check out the cool silver dots that make Omni-Heat work

However, I had been unable to try out this technology until rather recently.

My friend Yvette and I hiked Avalanche Peak in Yellowstone National Park the first weekend in October.  We had already had some snow in the area and temps had dropped enough for me to finally try out my Omni-Heat jacket (the liner of the Whirlibird jacket).  The hike was absolutely gorgeous and we had to shed and then add layers at different stages of the hike.  The Omni-Heat kept me warm and dry.

Avalanche Peak summit (picture courtesy of Yvette)

One thing I was shocked about was how well this jacket broke the wind when we were on the summit with biting wind slapping at us.  The only thing I wish this jacket had would be a hood; I could have used one to stop the wind from going straight through my hat.

Since that hike, I have been lucky enough to receive two more pieces of Omni-Heat gear.  A sweet fleece from a special fella

This is my sweet Omni-Heat fleece 🙂

and this super cool Ultrachange Parka from Columbia via Ann Driggers (so, so thankful the one she received was a bit too tight in the arms for her!)

My new Ultrachange Parka makes me smile

After several hikes, walk, and runs in these two new pieces of gear, I am more in love with this Omni-Heat technology and think my next piece of gear with it will be these puppies: Women’s Ravenous Lite Flash shoes.

2 responses to this post.

  1. I’m sure you already know where I stand, but I love OmniHeat. Totally wasn’t sure it was legit at first (because there are so many “amazing” things on the market, you know?) but after using a couple different things, that stuff works! I had to change out of a long sleeve OmniHeat shirt on Saturday while running because I was too hot, and it was only 32 degrees out 🙂

    PS Love the photo of you two at the Bells!


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