Big city days

I like to push myself and test my limits.  Normally this means physically pushing myself through outdoor adventures, but every once in a while I test other limits.  For example, as you likely know, I am most at ease in nature, so spending a long weekend in the downtown of a big city (Denver) can also take me out of my normal comfort zone. 

This is pretty much my normal look (outdoorsy).

Every day me :)

Every day me 🙂

However, I recently met up with my sister and a friend for a long weekend in Denver, so I got a bit gussied up and even wore….wait for it….MAKEUP!  Seriously, I couldn’t remember the last time I wore it (likely the last time my sister helped me with it at some point because I seem to be inept at girlie things like that!).

Yes, I am wearing makeup (thanks Nee)

Yes, I am wearing makeup (thanks Nee)

All kidding aside, I had a fabulous time getting to see my sister and our friend Heather for a few days.  This was extra special because my sister is currently stationed in Germany, so our time together these days is limited.  Being three hardworking professional women, we decided to treat ourselves and stay at the Ritz-Carlton in downtown Denver.  This place was super swanky but the staff was so super nice and accommodating (even when I requested some foam pillows so I didn’t mess up my neck).

I make friends everywhere

I make friends everywhere

We spent some time (& money) at the Denver REI; I came away with a sweet new snowboarding helmet (thanks Mom & Dad!) and a super sweet birthday present from my sister, the sunglasses I have been dreaming of for months (Native Eyewear Silencers). 

so purdy...the helmet that is

so purdy…the helmet that is

Naturally, it was then time for some beer….hey we are all WI girls, so what do you expect?!  We headed down the road from REI to try some brews at the Denver Beer Co.  We got a sampler which included the normal suspects (a wheat, a pale, and IPA) as well as a few tasty surprises in a cider, graham cracker porter (soooo yummy!!) and a mead of sorts.  With its big front porch and garage door front, this joint seemed to be a favorite to locals, and we quickly became fans of it as well.

Look how happy we are and no beer consumed yet :)

Look how happy we are and no beer consumed yet 🙂

After a day of shopping, some more adult beverages, and sightseeing, we finally found a place for dinner (it was a Saturday night, so most places had hour plus waits, ugh!).  We stumbled upon a great little Italian café named Mangiamo Pronto. My sister and I shared some subpar pesto bruschetta (It was served on regular toast; I mean come on it is an Italian café who bakes their own bread…give me a baguette!) and some tasty chicken pasta with pine nuts and creamy pest. 

May not be the most visually appealing, but it was tasty

May not be the most visually appealing, but it was tasty

Then, drumroll please, I had my first taste of gelato (yes, ever); it was delicious creamy caramel sea salt flavored goodness.



Day two was more shop browsing before Heather had to head back to CA, wine tasting at Cru Wine Bar, a tasty beer sampler from Wynkoop Brewing Company, and an early birthday dinner at the super fancy (especially by my terms!) Ocean Prime .  The entire meal was fantastic but the dessert really took the cake (pun definitely intended!).  Renee and I shared this beauty of baking perfection.   

Tower of carrot cake

Tower of carrot cake

So while I will remain a nature loving, country girl to my core, a trip to the city from time to time is alright in my book 😉

A great weekend with my best friend!

A great weekend with my best friend!


5 responses to this post.

  1. Man, your time in the city looks…delicious! What an amazing dessert that must have been. I’m also a huge fan of the Silencers; I’ve lost them twice and replaced them immediately. Can’t imagine wearing anything else!


  2. That carrot cake looks insanely amazing. Will have to check it out next time I get out of the Boulder bubble. 🙂


  3. Posted by Regan on February 1, 2013 at 8:23 pm

    Looking great!


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