I’m hot…are you hot? Terramar Base Layers Review

You may have noticed a new addition to my blog; I am talking about the groovy little logo just over to the right of this post.  See it right there?  I added that little fella after I received the sweet news that Terramar Sports had selected me (lil’ old me!) to be a part of their grassroots team called the Terramar Tribe!

Yay, too cool for school!

Yay, too cool for school!

While I was still reeling from the shock, I received my first package of goodies from them.  Inside this care package were two sweet base layers and a pair of comfy looking socks (that will be another review!).  Now as excited as I was, I realized I needed to put these items through some good testing before I did any sort of write up on my selection to the team or my new goodies.

Goodies from my first care package :)

Goodies from my first care package 🙂

It is now safe to say that in the past month I have tested them all out…a lot!  I have used the Hottotties Cloud Nine base layer and a base layer similar to this merino wool one for hiking, fishing, winter camping, going out to dinner with friends, and I even wore it will watching the recent National Finals for ski-joring in Red Lodge, MT this weekend 🙂

My new friend...representing the Tribe!

My new friend…representing the Tribe!

The amazingness:

  • Both of the base layers have one of my favorite features of any top, thumb holes!  These bad boys are great when layering up as they keep the base layer from rolling up your arm as you put on a fleece.
  • While doing some hiking on an unseasonable warm day for NW Wyoming in mid-February, I stayed warm but never once felt sweaty.  This is strange because I produce a lot of body heat and normally sweat when I do any physical activity.  Dare I say it, but these puppies have kept me dry (& fresh smelling) with their sweet ec2 Qwik-Dri technology !
  • I’m not into fashion, but I do like clothes that fit well, are versatile, and look good while doing it.  These shirts might be called base layers, but with their neat stitching, they are shirts which can easily transition from the trail to dinner out (at least in my life).
Keeping warm in chilly and windy Wyoming in my Cloud Nine

Keeping warm in chilly and windy Wyoming in my Cloud Nine

What I would change:

  • After just one wash, my beautiful raisin-colored merino wool base layer shrunk just enough so that when I put my thumbs through the thumb holes, it is a bit too snug for comfort.  When I washed my Hottotties Cloud Nine base layer I was much more careful (i.e. I read the washing instructions) and let it air dry; I am happy to report that it didn’t shrink… Ok, so this is likely my own dang fault for not washing it properly, but I couldn’t find anything else wrong with these base layers!

Overall:  These base layers really do rock!  They kept me the perfect temperature, were comfy, and fashionable…well for me at least 😉

Look for future posts and reviews as I get new gear.  Coming up soon will be pictures of these lovely items in Ireland 😉

2 responses to this post.

  1. Thumb holes are key! Unfortunately, my arms are apparently longer than the norm because I can rarely use them. Sigh 🙂


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