Never Suck Again! Geigerrig hydration pack review

As you might know, I was very lucky to be asked to go on an amazing trip to Idaho following the Outdoor Retailer Show at the end of January.  This trip was sponsored by Geigerrig and was amazing, but this post is not about that trip.  I did finally get to meet some amazing fellow bloggers who did sweet write-ups, so I figured why not share those instead of trying to improve upon what is already fantastic 😉  Check out the trip reports from my friends Erika, Heather, and Tim.

This post is, however, about the sweet hydration pack they sent me in the following days.  I was stoked when I came home one day to find the RIG 1210 waiting for me. At first sight, I loved the coloring as I have apparently become a huge fan of this bright lime green color (as can be determined by numerous pictures from this winter!).

Nice end of the day surprise!

Nice end of the day surprise!

I had to do some recon to figure out exactly how to use the hydration system.  I knew that Geigerrig’s motto was “NEVER SUCK AGAIN” but still didn’t know how to force the water out.  Well I soon discovered that it was so easy a child could do it.  No, really!!  My pack has now gotten frequent use by a 4 year-old and a 7 year-old!

After using this pack for several hikes, days fishing at the lake, and a camping trip, I can finally write a full review of the pack.

First hike test was a beauty

First hike test was a beauty

The Awesome: I really think that the best aspect of this pack is its uniqueness in that you literally pump the bladder full of air to propel the water out of the mouthpiece when you bite on it. I have my fair share of hydration packs and this one is a snap for anyone to use, no matter age.  This beautiful 4 year-old loves drinking from it and pumps it up herself 🙂

Easy enough for kids to use

Easy enough for kids to use

The Not so Awesome: I am not sure why but the waist belt sits funny on my waist.  The straps rub my hip bones.  While I was given the advice of simply gaining a few more pounds (NO THANK YOU!!), I have found that I have to constantly readjust the belt so as to avoid irritation on my hips.  I am not sure whether or not a different pack from Geigerrig would sit better on my frame.  Also, I was gifted this pack by the company for review, but this pack runs for well over $100; that is a bit steep for my blood!

Chilly, windy fishing test

Chilly, windy fishing test

Overall assessment: I love the technology engineered by Geigerrig!  I definitely suggest trying one on before spending the high dollar amount on this, or any, pack to ensure it fits you right.


5 responses to this post.

  1. Glad your getting some use out of the pack, they are pretty nice. I very rarely use the waist belt on any of these smaller packs because most of them fit weird or lay in a weird spot on me too. The only time I bother with the hip support is packs designed for multi-day trips.

    How were the zippers for you? My 710 has some sticky zippers sometimes, maybe just the way the weather flaps come over the opening.


    • I really like the zippers (especially the zipper pulltabs) and have had no problems with them. I just don’t like having the waist belt dangling around so a snap it around my waist most of the time.


  2. I had a really hard time figuring out how it actually worked my first time using my geigerrig too, lol. Until I sprayed it all over the hotel room floor in the testing process 🙂 Should’ve had the kiddos help me… I never noticed any issues with my Rig500 hip belt… But thats something I can imagine can vary greatly person to person.


  3. Posted by Julie on September 9, 2013 at 2:12 pm

    What is your opinion of the storage capacity/pockets on the 1210?


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