Big news and awesome adventures ahead!!

So if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook (or have talked to me in real life lately!), you know that some amazing things have come my way in the past two weeks.  Let’s rewind before I tell you my great news….

Last year (2012) in March/April, I started seeing some of my Twitter acquaintances (now I call many of them my close friends) talk about being selected for a new grassroots ambassador team, of 10 outdoorsy social media influencer, formed by Columbia Sportswear, the #OmniTen.  Of course I was instantly intrigued and needless to say a bit envious as they started to receive new, not even on the market yet, gear to test out.  This intrigue was heightened by my lifelong love of Columbia Sportswear gear.  Off track a bit, but I did an inventory of my jackets and fleeces when I moved to Wyoming, only one outdoorsy jacket/fleece was NOT Columbia…now that is some consumer preference! Ha!

My sister, Renee, & I rocking Columbia gear in 2010!

My sister, Renee, & I rocking Columbia gear in 2010!

Ok back to my story…I watched their chatter and my jaw continued to drop as I heard about all of the sweet new technology they were testing and the amazing sights they were getting to experience.  I was joined in my envy of the Columbia Sportswear gear by another group of Twitter peeps; we called ourselves the #OmniOutlaws 🙂

Over the past year, I have had the privilege of meeting most of the first #OmniTen group, as well as some of the #OmniOutlaws, and becoming real life friends with them, but this hasn’t cured my obsession with the company’s great gear and new products. This can be seen in the addition of multiple items of Columbia gear that has made its way into my daily attire.

Both Brian and I are huge fans of Columbia gear!

Both Brian and I are huge fans of Columbia gear!

Ok, fast forward to about two months ago.  I started to see some of my fellow #OmniOutlaws posting that they had been invited to become part of the third crew of #OmniTen.  Of course, my excitement for them was huge as everyone waited to see who would fill out the crew.  The wait would continue as the number stagnated at nine for almost two months…the tension was huge (well for me at least, haha)!

I still don’t know the whole story, but I do know that this box arrived on my doorstep just over a week ago 🙂

Talk about a box of awesomeness!

Talk about a box of awesomeness!

Yep, that’s right folks!  I am part of the third season of #OmniTen!!!!!!  I cannot believe that I have been selected for this privilege and am still mystified as to how I made the cut, but instead of asking questions, I am just going to enjoy the ride!

We have some amazing stuff coming up in the next few months, so if you want to check out what this #OmniTen crew is up to and what gear we are testing, continue to check out my blog, follow me on Twitter (@wigirl4ever) and Instagram (@wigirl4ever), and look into the hashtag #OmniTen on social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) to learn who the other members of this sweet crew are.  This is going to be an exciting summer of epic adventure!

Trying out my new gear  in head to tow Columbia gear

Trying out my new gear in head to tow Columbia gear

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  1. Pretty much this trip is going to be awesome!!! Looking fwd to meeting everyone!


  2. Looking forward to meeting!


  3. […] been invited to be a part of Columbia Sportswear’s #OmniTen crew this summer (i.e. Big news and awesome adventures ahead), I was also offered the chance to head back to another OR show.  After the amazing time I had at […]


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