A gimmick this stuff isn’t: Columbia Sportswear Omni-Freeze review

Yep, the title of this review says it all.  I have seen some people lament that new technologies such as Columbia Sportswear’s Omni-Freeze and Omni-Freeze Zero are just that, gimmicks.  I am here to tell you that in my honest opinion that is NOT the case.

Ok, so you know I am part of Columbia’s OmniTen from a post last month (Big news and awesome adventures ahead), and yes, they did provide me some sweet gear to check out.  However, I will not simply give something a favorable review because it was sent to me to try out.  I  keep it real, and this stuff is the real deal!

Over the past month, I have worn the Women’s Freeze Degree 1/2 Zip, Women’s Freeze Degree Short Sleeve Top, and Women’s Trail Dryer hat for running, biking, fishing, hiking, field work, camping, and shielding myself from intense sun/heat.  In other words, I have tried my hardest to put this gear through the ringer.

My initial test of my new Columbia Sportswear goodies

My initial test of my new Columbia Sportswear goodies

Before last weekend, I thought it was pretty good gear that kept me safe from the nasty rays of the sun and wicked away my sweat with ease.  Last weekend helped me realize the true beauty of the Columbia Omni-Freeze and Omni-Freeze Zero.

Don't worry, I returned this guy to the refreshing waters

Don’t worry, I returned this guy to the refreshing waters

You see, last weekend Brian and I went camping and fishing for 3+ amazing days, and his daughter came along for part of it.  The majority of the time was spent along the beautiful shores of Bighorn Lake in northern Wyoming…the one problem, no shade (and lots of heat, too)!

Gorgeous but shade was lacking

Gorgeous but shade was lacking

So how did I realize that this new technology was so much more than just a great layer to keep the sun at bay? 

Trying to keep my cool in the heat after some #in30 pushups

Trying to keep my cool in the heat after some #in30 pushups

Well, in the scorching summer heat and sun (yes it was likely not even 90 but felt like I was on the sun’s surface!), and after running out of our sunscreen for the trip (big oops!), I decided to put my long sleeve 1/2 zip top on myself and throw Rainy in my Freeze Degree short sleeve top.  We then took a dip in the water, and it was instant relief and disbelief for me.  I felt unbelievably cool in the water, but once I stepped out of the water (after dunking my Trail Dryer hat in the water), I stayed cool for a couple hours without going back into the water!

Cool as a cucumber and cute as a button!

Cool as a cucumber and cute as a button!

So it may sound crazy but those little blue dots rocked my world!  So much so that I instantly ordered some gear for my dad and began telling everyone who would listen to me about the wonders of Columbia’s newest technology.  People will believe what they wish, but for this outdoors-loving, fun time having woman, this gear is exactly what it claims to be and just what I need to keep the summer heat/sun off my pale skin!

The Awesome: Obviously those little blue dots!  The technology is beyond my scope of understanding, but I do know it works hard to keep you cool.  The fit is athletic and pretty true to size, at least for me.  The color options are bright, so get ready to stand out in a crowd.

The Not So Awesome: Like any new technology (i.e. the newest iPhone or cool new car), the price tag is a bit high.  However, you can always hit up Columbia’s online outlet or one of their many outlet stores nationwide for some great deals.  They also have sweet sales through their regular site, so sign up for their email alerts to get mad deals.

Overall assessmet: If you love having fun outside in the summer but would rather not melt away or get fried the color of a lobster, invest in some of this cooling goodness and get outside!

Get out there and enjoy life!

Get out there and enjoy life!


6 responses to this post.

  1. Agree with you 100% I rocked the airgill freeze on a 90 degree hike and the dots lit up and kept me cool – in long sleeves – great product – not in love with the hat – which is sad because i love me some hats….


    • Oh that is too bad; it has become my go to running/anything outdoors hat. Although, the one thing I wish was different would be the velcro adjustment system on the back. My hair keeps getting caught in it.


  2. As the price is a little steep… Remember, you get what you pay for. I’ve purchased not 1, but 2 omnifreeze zero neck gaiters both for $30. That’s how much I believe in & love the product. And I was told by a friend that he recently won a $30 neck gaiter (not columbia omnifreeze). So in that regard, the price is competitive. $55 is a lot for a shirt, especially of your on a budget, but once you purchase one, you’ll realize where you $$ went. Great review


  3. […] more Columbia Omni-Freeze Zero talk…check out the reviews from fellow #OmniTEN bloggers Kristie, Eric and […]


  4. Posted by pauljosephosborn on August 3, 2013 at 8:17 pm

    Man there was a lot of you guys and gals saying good things about that line. I’m really excited to try it!


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