Homeless dog finds love

This post is something completely new to my blog and something very dear to my heart.

My mom & hero :)

Meet my mom & hero

My mother has an amazing talent for creating stories for children that focus on animals.  As she has finally decided that she would like to try to pursue doing something with these stories and ideas, she is letting me put her very first one out to the world here.  I would love to help her make her dream become a reality because as you read below, you will see that she truly has talent.

Homeless dog finds love

It was early August that year.  I was hungry and thirsty as I was traveling along a back country road in Virginia.  A man in a dusty tan pickup truck stopped, picked me up, took me to a shelter for homeless dogs, so I could get some food and water.

There were so many dogs all sizes and colors at the homeless shelter, but not enough love from the people for all the dogs.  The caretakers put me in my own pen, gave me food & water, but I wanted so much more.  I wanted LOVE …..and a home and a family where love would surround me forever and ever.

I was starting to worry I would never find love

I was starting to worry I would never find love

Each day I waited in my pen while people came to see the dogs at the shelter.  The people would come to decide on who they wanted to take home.  After 3 weeks of no one wanting me, I was getting more shy & sad.

Then one day as I was sitting in my pen, a nice lady with bright red hair stopped to talk to me.  The lady told me I was a beautiful black girl.  She asked the caretaker if she could take me out of my pen.  Oh she smelt so good and her hands were so gentle against my fur.  As she stroked my fur, she looked into my sad brown eyes and asked if I wanted to go home with her.  I wagged my tail & gave her a happy smile, since I don’t do much talking.

I was very happy to meet this lady!

I was very happy to meet this lady!

On that day Fia, the petite black lab mix was introduced to Renee’s life and love.  Oh so much love came Fia’s way from Renee.

My new mommy even took me hiking!

My new mommy even took me hiking!

My life grew and grew with love and with great adventures.  Over weeks and months afterwards, I met my people family & my cousin Sydney.  I now had a family, a home, and love to surround me forever and ever.

My family loves me :)

My family loves me 🙂

Stay tuned for more of Fia’s adventures!!!

2 responses to this post.

  1. Aw! She is a beautiful black girl! So cute! I love the way your mom tells the story. Good to meet your family at the same time; there is such a strong family resemblance. I love it!


  2. Hey, I had trouble finding an email address. Can you email me back so I can ask you a question?


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