Great Expectations…the #OmniGames

My life has been a bit of a hectic whirlwind lately.  A big part of the reason?


That’s right!  I was honored to get to be a part of another Columbia Sportswear event.  If you will recall, I had a life-changing trip on the Rogue River this summer.  Well in true #tryingstuff style, Columbia Sportswear brought all four seasons (including the brand new crew) together in Park City for a few days of adventure, playing in the snow, testing new gear, and competing for a chance to be part of the Spring 2014 crew; this crew will get to go to….JORDAN!!!

Over the next few days, my awesome partner Weston Shirey, and I will recap our adventures in a unique way that we hope will help you feel like you were right there in Park City with us for #OmniGames. Here is a preview of things to come!

#TryingStuff video preview (courtesy of Wes!)

Wes & yours truly on a snowmobile on day 1 of #OmniGames

Wes & yours truly on a snowmobile on day 1 of #OmniGames

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  1. […] over our grill and tried to help us spark a blaze until time was up. During the ropes course, Kristie and her partner Weston shared tips for making it through each obstacle. At the end of every […]


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