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Going Places…but where?

I have loved animals my entire life and have always been very intrigued by places with endemic animals.  Pair that with my desire to see new places and strive to have amazing adventures whenever I can, and you get my latest exciting news….

I’m going to the GALAPAGOS ISLANDS in October!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That’s right; I will be going way out of my comfort zone, traveling alone (well sort of…I’m going with a group my yoga instructor is putting together), and seeing an amazing location in what will no doubt be a trip of a life time!  

I will be spending time on the islands for 7 days and will see a great deal of the UNESCO World Heritage Site & Biosphere Preserve that is the Galapagos Islands. Want to find out more about my upcoming trip? Check out this information on my yoga vacation!


I am beyond excited about this and know that I will be chomping at the bit come October!!  Anyone ever been to the Galapagos Islands before?

A dream becomes reality

Have you ever shared a dream with someone for as long as you can remember?  Well, since I can remember (probably about 20 years), my sister and I have dreamt of seeing Ireland together.  I think it all stemmed from a series of books we read when we were in high school/junior high respectively, but regardless it has been a shared dream that has stuck with us as we both grew and our lives became complicated with work as well as other issues and joys.

As most all of you know from my Twitter feed, Facebook posts, and even a St. Patrick’s Day post here, we finally did it!  Since Renee is stationed in Germany right now, we decided this was the time to make it happen!   

I had an exhausting 24 hours or so of travel which included the drive from Cody to Billings, a flight from Billings to Minneapolis, a flight from Minneapolis to Amsterdam, and a flight from Amsterdam to Dublin.  While in Minneapolis, I was treated to a new experience…free IPads to use all over their internationl gate area!  I was able to order food and a few adult beverages to help me relax for the long flight ahead.

Who knew the Minneapolis airport was so cool?! Free use of IPads!

Who knew the Minneapolis airport was so cool?! Free use of IPads!

My Amsterdam layover was frustrating for me because it was my first time making a connection in a foreign country where English wasn’t the primary language.  Granted, I  have traveled to and through a few other countries before, but the non-English as a first language countries were my final destination.  While there were English signs everyhere, the airport still seemed to overwhelm me, but that was likely because I was also slightly sleep deprived by this point.  Before I knew it, I was boarding my flight to Dublin!

This plan would take me to Ireland!

This plan would take me to Ireland!

And then, I had made it; I was finally in Ireland, and I couldn’t believe it was really happening!

Of course Teton Sports had to come along for the trip ;)

Of course Teton Sports had to come along for the trip 😉

After waiting another hour for Nee, we were there, together, and our dream was reality!

This is the first of many more posts to come about our week together in Ireland, and yes, we were there for Paddy’s Day or as you likely know it, St. Patrick’s Day.  I am also pleased to announce that Renee (who I also refer to as Nee) will be guest writing at least one post in this series.  She has opted to write about our days in Dublin, so stay tuned for that and many more amazing stories, pictures, and tales from our time on the beautiful Emerald Isle.

Our first picture together in Ireland!

Our first picture together in Ireland!

Where have I been lately???!

I have been a bit MIA on social media and my blog for the past few weeks….want to see why? 😉


Devil Canyon

I went winter camping and visited Devil Canyon in the beautiful Bighorn National Recreation Area.

Next, I spent a week at fire public information officer training in Badlands National Park near Interior, SD.


Badlands National Park


Sunset in Badlands National Park

And just when I thought things would slow down for a week, I had to head to Fort Collins, CO for a conference this week!


Somewhere over Wyoming or Idaho

I hope to get back on track with a few reviews I have had to put on the back burner…look for them within the next week!!


One of those I am missing dearly right now!